A brand born from the heart of textile tradition and nurtured by decades of craftsmanship. We invite you to delve into our story, where rich heritage meets contemporary designs, and where every thread we weave carries the essence of our journey.


For over 30 years, Doeraa has been synonymous with fabrics that tell stories of culture, tradition, and innovation. With "STCHD by Doeraa," we extend this legacy to women's designer clothing, stitching together narratives of style and elegance.

Artisans of Excellence:
Behind every exquisite piece is the skilled hand of an artisan, a guardian of our craft. Trained meticulously, our artisans bring life to the fabrics, weaving in their passion, dedication, and generations of knowledge. They are the heartbeat of our brand, infusing each stitch with soul.

Designs that Speak:

Our collection is a canvas of creativity, painted by a team of specialist fashion designers. Each design is an exploration, a fusion of contemporary trends and timeless grace. From flowing silhouettes to tailored ensembles, our creations echo the diverse facets of femininity.

Crafting Every Detail:
Every thread, every curve, and every hue is a result of careful consideration. We strive for perfection in each stitch, ensuring that our garments are not just clothing but expressions of artistry. Our commitment to quality reflects in every piece that graces our collection.

A Glimpse into Our World:

Explore our gallery to discover the textures, colors, and elegance that define "STCHD by Doeraa." From the intricate embroidery to the delicate drapes, our images capture the essence of our brand. Witness the magic behind the scenes and immerse yourself in the creation of beauty.

Join Us in Crafting Elegance:
Step into the world of "STCHD by Doeraa," where heritage is stitched to modernity, where artisans craft elegance, and where every design tells a tale. We are excited to have you with us on this journey of artistry, passion, and creativity.